About Us


Uni-Copy Technologies is Dedicated to Five Principle Ideas: SINCERITY HARMONY COURTESY QUALITY RELIABILITY By devoting ourselves to the above five ideals, our work will bring genuine satisfaction and joy to us and provide a meaningful contribution to our clients. Sincerity is the most fundamental of human ethics. Always work with sincerity and a positive attitude. Harmony is a power. Trust each other for a united effort Courtesy is a Virtue. Be grateful and respectful to others Quality is perfect. Always have a mind toward striving for excellence and improvement Reliability results in obtaining the loyalty and confidence of our clients Uni-Copy Technologies is a locally owned office equipment company in southeastern Louisiana and Coastal Mississippi. These five values are the cornerstone principles that drive our company.

Our Fundamental Business Focus

Provide the highest quality of Services and Products. Strive toward being the best through constant improvement of our services. Take the Initiative and Responsibility of keeping our clients informed of changing technology. Be a Perfectionist – Pay attention to the smallest details, this is the only way to excellence. Do care and respond instantly and positively to each client’s request and always be client-oriented.

Our Business Philosophy

Our most important justification for being in business is service to our clients. Everyone’s job should focus upon this, and with service as our top goal, profitability naturally follows. By encouraging the development of our employees’ potential, we intend to parallel the growth of our company with the well-being of our employees. Our business prosperity is linked to the total satisfaction of our clients, as well as the prosperity of the whole Uni-Copy Family.